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A Good Acne Cleanser Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Sometimes when I see acne skin cleansers that go for $30 or more, it kind of makes me a little angry. Because I believe that you don’t have to repeatedly spend this type of money to get great results. Further, I believe you don’t need chemicals and all kinds of fancy “prescription grade” ingredients in your cleansers to get fantastic, calming and acne-clearing results from your chosen facial (or body) cleanser.

I actually think that going more natural is a better choice for cleansing your skin if you have problems with skin breakouts. In fact, I believe that one of the most powerful weapons against acne are something nature bestowed upon us in abundance on this earth.

Ok, so we as humans have to press and process it to get it, but it’s nonetheless derived from plants and flowers and stems and the like that are found in abundance on earth. I’m talking about essential oils, which can be very reasonable, and which are active at fairly low dosages in most cases.

I do think that concentrations of these oils should be fairly heavy in a single cleanser to be effective, however just a few drops by itself of many essential oils acts as a very powerful deterrent to p. acnes, the bacteria that causes acne to form underneath the surface of the skin.

Many essential oils are also powerful sebum neutralizers or cleaners. They mop it right up without drying out the skin beneath, and they can help to tone the skin as well in the process, which helps to create smaller pores that are less likely to become infected and therefore a full blown pimple. ‘

See our recommendations for cleansers like this here – this page also gives you a great overview of some of the natural oils and materials that can really have a therapeutic effect on the skin for acne prone skin (and other types of skin conditions too) :

There are essential oils that also can be very calming for skin that becomes red and inflamed easily. This can be people affected by the skin condition rosacea, or it can be people with acne or just with generally fair, thin and easily irritated skin.

On the flip side, there are some essential oils that can be volatile and are not recommended for skin contact, or need to be severely diluted if they are used on the skin. This would include a lot of the evergreen varieties and of course the cinnamon essential oil since it can burn and irritate the skin on contact.


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