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Moisturizing for Radiant, Acne Free Skin

Moisturizing for Radiant, Acne Free Skin

You know by now that AcneMagazine likes to focus on natural treatments for acne. And when it comes to recommendations for acne fighting moisturizers that help keep hydration in while simultaneously abating acne, it’s no different.

My recommendation is one that is all natural and has soothing botanicals that are in a hydrating emulsion, like this sebum regulating moisturizer.

Moisturizers are often misunderstood by those who have acne. We tend to want to stay away from creams and lotions, because we correlate them with oil, and that is precisely what has caused our acne – excess oil, or sebum.

This excess sebum seeps up through our pores and causes bacteria and dirt particles to sort of get stuck on our skin’s surface. This leads to clogged pores, which leads to blackheads, whiteheads, and inflamed, painful under the skin acne lesions.

Well, you still need to moisturize no matter how dry your skin is.  It may seem counterintuitive, but drying out your skin actually makes your acne worse. You see, your skin will work even more over time to try to crank our oil if your skin is dried out, and this will cause even more breakouts.

Not to mention, dry red and cracked skin that looks dull is not nearly as attractive as dewy, well moisturized, healthy skin.

But you still need to know which type of hydrating product is the best choice as an acne fighting moisturizer.  There are several that are on the drugstore shelves that you may want to try. The key terms to look for are “oil free” and “noncomedogenic”, which basically means they do not have any of the pore clogging and skin irritating mineral oils in them.

One that I think you may want to try out is this Sebum Regulating Moisturizer since it is all natural and also helps to mop up that excess oil before your face becomes a veritable oil slick which attracts all the wrong elements like a magnet.

This natural formula not only helps to keep your skin matte, but it also helps to calm any redness with it’s soothing botanical ingredients, much like the rest of the Zenmed line of acne products that has gained so much popularity.  Just a suggestion though, there are others out there that may fit the bill as well.

Beautiful, Moisturized, Acne Free Skin

Neutrogena makes some moisturizers that are oil free that are geared toward those with acne, and also I’ve seen some by their Purpose line, which is geared toward those with oily skin. Like I said, the key is to look for oil free formulas. You may also be interested in one that helps absorb extra oil if you have extra oily skin.

Acne fighting moisturizers sounds like quite the oxymoron, I’m aware, but it really is true that no matter what your skin type is, you should ALWAYS moisturize it every single day, and every morning and at night time as well.

Night time is actually a great time to break out the moisturizer, because your face is more conducive to absorbing the ingredients due to a slight elevation in body temperature that occurs in the evening.

One rule of thumb I’ve always used when I moisturize, especially in the morning, is to slather, repeat, repeat. At first this may seem like overkill, but I find that it makes my skin look much more supple throughout the day. My fine lines are less likely to show through because my skin is so well hydrated.

Also my skin just takes on the dewy, fresh moisturized look when I moisturize in layers in the morning.  You just have to make sure the first layer dries completely before applying the second one.  I also cannot emphasize enough how important I think natural products are, which are free of parabens, petroleum and mineral oils, if you can buy these types of products.

Another key to keeping your skin fresh and hydrated looking if you have acne (or for any type of skin for that matter), is to drink lots of purified water throughout the day. This moisturizes your skin from the inside out. If you’ve ever noticed, when you are dried and parched, your skin tends to look dry and tired.

That’s because your body is pulling water out of your tissue, making the skin appear more drawn and less filled out. Dehydration is an instant ager of the skin, so make sure that along with using a ton of moisturizing product on your skin, you are also getting adequate internal hydration through water – not sodas, juices or sweetened drinks, just pure water.

This is the ultimate natural acne fighting weapon, along with the right moisturizers to keep moisture in and sebum OUT.  I also love taking an omega 3 fish oil supplement every day. This keeps skin hydrated from the inside.

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