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Acne Free in 3 Days : Review

Before I get started, I wanted to bring your attention to a new feature we have here at AcneMagazine. Below our review of this e-book for clear skin, you’ll see that you can now submit your own reviews if you have used this product. It’s great to be able to share your experience with others, and to read what others had to say about the same product.

There has been so much buzz generated on this book that I felt compelled to write my impression on what looks to be a completely legitimate and highly effective program for preventing and treating – and more importantly, eliminating, acne in teens and adults, no matter what sex you happen to be, male or female, and that is the Acne Free in 3 Days book and system written by Chris Gibson. 

Chris Gibson is a former acne sufferer himself, apparently suffering from some pretty serious acne in his teen years, so bad that he became somewhat obsessed with finding a way to get clearer skin, but without drugs or antibiotics, that he searched endlessly for the holy grail when it comes to acne skin care and lifestyle changes we can make to effectively remove acne from our lives.

Well, he did it.  He came up with a system, which he calls Acne Free in 3 Days, because it gets rid of acne in 3 days if you stick to his prescribed regimen. Many say his program is an excellent one for those that have tried everything under the sun and just can’t seem to get rid of their acne problems, who may have tried everything from natural hormonal acne treatments to some of the best alternative acne treatments, to blue light therapy and the like.

However, it is a sort of detox program, so it may not be easy for some people to stick to, or a realistic lifestyle change for some, which are my only criticisms of the book.

He says that he came up with his system for getting rid of acne in a short period of time, and which can be used all the time to keep acne from returning, after he was sick and tired of trying creams and topical products that only addressed the problem on a surface level, when we all know there are so many chemical and hormonal issues inside our bodies that account for acute acne, that there is a much more comprehensive approach that needs to be taken when it comes to fighting acne and keeping it away.

Acne Free in 3 Days has been reviewed so well, but it also comes with a stunning amount of free gifts and is such a reasonable prices considering all you get and how well the reviews have gone for the book and ensuing system that you use after learning it from the book, so it is truly a bargain, especially when compared with the myriad of other acne treatment products that are out there that charge a mint and only address the surface issues instead of addressing the whole issue of acne, as it should be.

Acne Free in 3 Days should DEFINITELY be looked into as a great, holistic, alternative to getting rid of your acne, and the author of the book and it’s content, Chris Gibson is a very credible guy from all I’ve read, and he’s been down that road, he’s not just some dermatologist telling you what to do, he’s actually had the very skin problem he is teaching others to combat, which makes him all that much more credible in my book.  No pun intended :)

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