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Acne Scarring Products

Acne Scarring Products – How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

See Below for the best in acne scar removal and pock mark removal.  This family of products works gently to help remove and soften scars, returning you to baby smooth, soft and scar-free skin.

It is also important to prevent acne from occurring by using only all natural, gentle acne cleansers such as these.

I lived with acne for years, since the age of 14, all the way up until I became a full blown adult – with acne.  I’m 31 years old now, and am just now getting rid of the last of the acne scars (ie pitting, scrapes, and depressions), left on my skin as historical war wounds of my lifelong struggle with acne prone skin.

They stuck out like a sore thumb to me, and although through my own regimen and using some of the products mentioned below, I have managed to get rid of most of my acne scars, I’m still finding new and better methods to utilize these products from at home microdermabrasion to my favorite scar treatment kit to really get rid of these traces of scars.

Acne was the bain of my existence, and even into adulthood, while I thought I could enjoy acne free skin, and my skin has cleared considerably, there were still those pesky acne scars, mostly visible in sunlight – actually painfully visible in sunlight.

Here are my recommendations for acne scarring reduction.  I have used these products myself several times and am a HUGE fan of all of their line for acne and scarring.  Their products are all natural and you can use them at home.. it’s the Zenmed family of products, including the microderm I used at home, exfoliating complex and scar fading treatment….

Fading and Softening Treatment , Zenmed Microdermabrasion Complex, and Exfoliating Complex and Serum

Zenmed’s Acne Scar Kit

Did you ever see a person with great skin, except they have some scarring left over from earlier acne problems?  It is kind of like throwing paint at a Picasso painting really.  It can really make or break a person’s look.  Skin is everything!  It signifies health, radiance and youth, and is a very important part of today’s modern beauty ideal.  Beautiful skin is hard to come by, and so is one of the most coveted beauty ideals in the world today.

The products I mentioned above will help you to get back the skin of your younger years, before you ever struggled with acne. They will scrub and smooth away old acne scarring and pitting and are also specially formulated to even out your skin tone, meaning less redness and discoloration where you see the scars.

The good thing is, there are several home-administered acne scarring repair kits and individual products that will “sand down” so to speak, your skin, and smooth out any traces of bumpiness, unevenness and pitting in your skin so most people won’t even recognize that you at one time had an acne problem.

Not only will they smooth the bumps in the road, but they also help fade any leftover redness often times, and discoloration left behind.  One of the hallmarks of acne scarring is that it leaves pits, icepick type scars, discolorations and indentations, and finally – redness that can take years to fade.

It was most difficult for me to get rid of some of the older acne scars that had all but faded from red, but still appeared as a dull purplish red pink color.  This will help diminish and fade those types of scars once and for all, you just have to use it religiously for as long as it takes to get the right results you’re looking for.

As with all skin care, it’s an ongoing process, and you should consistently exfoliate the skin to rid it of any scarring and roughness, even as you age, for the revelation of smoother, clearer skin. Cell turnover is key to fading acne scars.

The added bonus is that they help you in the anti aging process.  Since they actually speed up skin cell renewal and turnover, as well as reveal a fresh layer of healthy, new skin your face will appear younger and more vibrant instead of dull and colorless.

I definitely noticed a difference in the overall appearance of my skin after using them, and even received MANY compliments on my skin while using them.  The dermabrasion complex is one of my favorites because it is not harsh, yet it is highly effective, and as with all their products, it’s totally natural and pure, so it’s like you’re going to a high grade natural spa when you do it, it’s just that you’re doing the treatments in your own home, for less money.

They will become a staple in my bathroom cupboard, for sure!

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Comments (9)
  • May 26, 2006 at 12:30 pmScorpiogal

    Hi – I read your article on Acne Scarring Treatments that DO work – but you didn’t give us any specific names of the products. Which is the best “fading & softening treatment kit”, “Microderm Complex”, and “Exfoliating complex and serum” to use? Please email me & let me know – and you may want to post it on your website too…thanks very much….

  • August 14, 2007 at 11:21 amRhonda

    What product do you recommend for acne scarring and pock marks?

  • October 13, 2007 at 9:20 amCandice

    In reply to Scorpiogal, I just clicked on the words that you mentioned and it took me too the zenmed website, so I am assuming those are the products that the author was talking about.

  • January 18, 2008 at 3:58 ammikayla

    if anyone else tried this, did it really work?

  • May 8, 2008 at 8:34 pmkarla

    its helpful to mention what works with a name.

    OOPS sorry my bad – My name is Danna, and I run this blog on acne.  Thanks for looking : )

  • July 15, 2008 at 6:28 pmVeronica

    Like everyone mentioned you actually didn’t give the name of a specific brand or where this could be purchased or the cost. Also I would like to know for what period of time you took this and saw results and in the long run how long you took it for.

    Hi Veronica.  I updated the page to show exactly what it was that I used

  • February 26, 2009 at 11:18 amcarol

    if anyone has any suggestions i’m open to anything. i have some very deep pock marks on my cheeks and chin. i will try anything. as anyone who has this knows, you are concious of them from the time you go in oublic and are with other people. i am constantly checking what side the sun is on and trying to cover my face. please help!! i did try lazer therapy a few years back but it was $1000.00 a treatment and it became to expensive. there were definitley results but i’m looking for something permanent so i can live my life without being obsessed with how i look. this can truly affect your self esteem and alot of times i just don’t want to go out. open to any suggestions

  • April 7, 2009 at 4:56 pmpeter Dome

    Hi, Iv’e just orderd some zenmed acne scar treatment, after, reading many good reviews. It’s not avalable here in the uk, So, I orderd from zenmed themselfs, in the states. I have to try something, I’m just fed up of my acne scars, it really gets me down. Iv’e had Lazer treatment, Dermabrasion, and still have scars.
    I came across a product via youtube, called, ‘Ambi ‘.fade cream, also having good reviews. only avalable again, from the states. orderd mine from Amazon, Ebay also seel it. as well as Drug stores in the U.S.A.
    Ambi fade cream, is, supposed to reduce Acne scaring, and, facial Discolouration, reddening, hyperpigmentation, They have products for, both white, and black skin.
    A few home remedies, that feature on many websites is, ‘ OLIVE OIL’. Massaged into the skin twice, daily. It tends to be very oily, so I suggest, gently, massaging into skin for about, 3 to 5 minutes till it’s absorbed by the skin. ‘OLIVE OIL’, is supposed to have rejuvanating properties, and is a great mosturiser. Supposed to be great for fading acne scars. check the numerous websites about this. Good luck. Hope it helps.

  • February 11, 2012 at 2:53 amCaterina Schwebel

    We do not use cream for tattoo removal. The tattoo ink is embedded deep in the skin and the cream does not reach deep enough into the skin.

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