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Many of us not only break out in acne on our faces, which is definitely the most visible and embarrassing place for us to battle this hard to beat skin condition, but we also get it in other places where our oil glands are going crazy, like our back and our chest.

There are a couple of excellent systems I’d like to review here on this special “body acne treatment page” for treating body acne such as chest and back acne, even acne on your back end, and other unmentionable places!

Body acne is another huge reason why people seek out the help of dermatologists and other skin care specialists. It can really hinder your wardrobe decisions in the summer, and be a serious blow to the self esteem when it goes unchecked.

Please see the recommendations below, and note that the first one, called Clear Pores Body Acne Treatment comes with an optional herbal supplement to treat the acne from the inside, as well as cleansers and creams specifically designed to aggressively eliminate body acne, and leave you with baby smooth, summer-clothes ready skin – everywhere.

Acne Magazine’s Recommendations for Body Acne Treatment (2):

1.)  Clear Pores Body Acne Treatment System Body Acne Treatment System

2.)  Zenmed Natural Body Acne Treatment

Tips for Body Acne Elimination :

1.  Try to wear clothes that “breathe” especially when working out.  I notice that I might break out on my chest and back if I’m going through a period where I’m doing a lot of physical activity with heavy clothes on.  This traps sweat, dirt and grime, which is a definite acne trap.

2.  Don’t use those harsh soaps that you use allover your body on your body acne problem areas.  Many of these soaps are very high in detergent and other irritants that can just make the acne appear redder and more “bumpy”.  Likewise with using heavily perfumed or oily soaps, like the ones from Oil of Olay or Caress.

These fancy perfumed soaps not only contain tons of pore clogging oils, but also heavy perfumes, which have proven to be irritants to many people’s skin.  They may be tempting, but you cannot afford to use these if your body is prone to acne breakouts!

3.  I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but you are what you eat, and likewise goes for body acne, just as it does for facial acne.  You will find that if you are going through a period of eating a lot of junk food – ie sugars, chocolates and highly salted and fatted foods, you will break out more on your chest, back, neck and even your butt – yes, lots of people complain about “butt acne”.  Probably because your butt tends to sweat a lot, and it’s a prime spot for dirt and oil to get trapped, since you sit on it a lot during the day.

Clear Up Body Acne for Carefree Summer Living

4.  I recommend also wearing a lot of lighter clothes in the summer. When you sweat, you are asking for acne on different areas of your body such as your back, because sweat traps bacteria and bacteria causes body acne.  If you do get really sweaty, make sure you rinse yourself off or better yet wash yourself off with a recommended body acne wash, as soon as you can, to reduce the skin irritation and the likelihood that bacteria and debris will clog your pores.

5.  Use lighter t-shirt style sheets to sleep in at night.  These types of sheets reduce night sweats (which I myself have terrible problems with at times).  Going to a tanning bed can actually be therapeutic for body acne, but of course you have to be careful about skin damage from the UV rays, so for sun sensitive people, this should be done only under a doctor’s supervision and with maximum care.

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  • June 11, 2006 at 10:53 amacneboy

    hi. i like your site. i’ve browsed it a couple times for acne information, articles and new natural product info on acne and body acne stuff…..good mag – definitely recommend it. i posted a link to an acne forum too that i belong to, i wanna get this going, because there are any “really good” acne forums where you can just let it rip and speak your mind. the moderator isn’t out of control, except if it’s too much promotional stuff, but other than that you cna say whatever’s on your mind if your and acne sufferer – and we all have a lot ot vent bout there

  • February 6, 2007 at 12:03 pmpretty with pigments

    i have had acne for 6 YEARS
    6 LONG YEARS and i have about had it. all i think about all the time is how i could have gotten rid of it, all i do when i get home is cry.i do not even like looking at myself in the mirror half the time, because of the acne,my mother tells me that i have a low selfesteem about myself.when i go to school people compliment me on my clear skin, i say thank you, but in my mind i am crying out, what the hell is wrong with you, dont you see the light pigmentations on my skin. i just found out that their is no cure for acne. so i try proactive solution. it got rid of my acne. but to be black american and get rid of acne, it leaves scars. i have so many light pigmentations on my face that i do not believe are healing. it came from my acne.
    i am an caramel color, and these pigments are really annoying me. what should i do or use to rid them, for good?

    Hello.  I would recommend you contact the people at Zenmed.  They specialize in quite a few skin problems, and may be able to better direct you, as I have no knowledge in this area. 

  • March 9, 2007 at 10:28 amSteve Savage

    Animal fats and dairy tend to be the most irritating to rosacea, so limiting your intake of both will help your skin. Its no surprise that you rarely see vegetarians with acne.

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