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Acne Treatment Masks

Let’s talk a little bit about another component to acne skin care that I think can benefit anyone who struggles with this often baffling skin condition. I’m talking about acne treatment masks.  I am a fan of keeping these around the house and using them once a week.

Botanical Acne Mask

Botanical Acne Mask

The right acne mask will help keep your skin clear, and if it’s all natural, that’s even better since it won’t leave any harmful chemical behind, and will not be drying or harsh on your skin.  As you know if you have had acne for a while, one of the worst things you can do is irritate acne prone skin.

It’s an almost surefire way to trigger a breakout. Skin that is oil and prone to inflammation does not like to be further irritated, so in my opinion, you should strive to use the most gentle, natural, yet effectively formulated masks that you can find.

It’s not that hard after all, there are plenty of natural clay and ash based masks that really help to take the surface oil, dirt and debris off the skin. Not only that, a mask is sort of like a once a week “deep cleaning” for your skin.

Acne treatment masks like the gentle, natural one here have the ability to really get down deep into the pores, and pull out anything that might clog the pores and trigger zits.

Not only that, giving yourself this treatment once a week feels like a luxurious spa visit, and if you choose the right mask, your skin should feel baby smooth and deep-down clean when you are through.  There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh, clean skin!

I always have a facial mask handy at home, and not only do I thoroughly enjoy my weekly “at home spa treatments” with it, I also lose to use it as a spot treatment for those occasional zits that pop up, before they get out of control. It’s great for spot targeting these oily areas before they become a problem.

If you think about it, using masks a few times of month just makes sense.  Think about all the pollution, daily products, chemicals, and abuse your skin goes through on a daily basis.

A specialized acne mask can help to calm the skin, to take away those days of pollution and impart a beauty, clarity and calm that you didn’t have just a few hours ago, so your skin is ready to face the daily abuse of your week again.

Sundays are ideal to give yourself these skin pampering treatments. This way, you can go the rest of the day without makeup and bask in the bare feeling of naked skin, letting it get all the oxygen it can, letting it really “breathe”, before it gets assaulted with sunscreens, lotions, foundations, powders, and whatever else you apply to your face on a daily basis. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the oil your own skin secretes!

Mineral and mud masks are no new idea. They have been used for literally thousands of years by women for beautiful skin. They impart a suppleness to the skin, and they make it look smooth and clear. I’ve noticed that my skin looks a lot smoother – less “rough” after I use my mask, and there is nothing better than looking in the mirror and seeing smooth skin.

You should only use them on your face for the prescribed time – never leave them on your whole face over night as this can cause excessive drying and defeat the purpose.  You should only leave it on overnight if you are using it as a spot treatment for a spot of acne that has cropped up.

I like to splash my face with ice cold water after I have rinsed the mask off with lukewarm water. It seems to really add oomph to my skin’s circulation, and it also helps seal those pores shut and keep the dirt and grime from getting back into the pores.

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