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At, we believe that a holistic approach to treating acne, which means holistic treatments along with a holistic, healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods and taking the right supplements, is the best way to permanently effectively treat and beat acne. Now you can leave your own user reviews of acne treatments you’ve used and liked or disliked below!

So, with that in mind, we are going to summarize our acne treatment reviews and direct you to the individual reviews of various acne treatments that we’ve provided over the time we’ve been live and online.

There really aren’t many, but we don’t believe that every acne product is worth endorsing, so with that in mind, we are only going to give an overview of the three products we currently are recommending and reviewing and let you make the decision of whether you want to further explore them as options to fight your acne both long and short term.

Here are the treatment systems for acne that we review, with links to the actual pages with the full review.

1.)  Acnezine acne treatment review :  This product has been around for a while, and it was initially brought to our attention because it uses something that we firmly believe is necessary to fight the internal causes of acne as well as a key component in having healthy, glowing skin and other connective tissue health.

It uses the principle of antioxidant free radical reduction in its formulation, and it’s effects are seen with only taking one pill a day, which is impressive since most require more than one at least to start.

Antioxidants play an important role not only in overall health and longevity, as well as organ protection, but they also are a huge player in the continued health and clarity of the skin.  Using a product like Acnezine, many people, adults and teens alike, notice a difference in their skin within a few weeks.

Sometimes they do notice it getting worse for a small period before it gets better, but this is typical even of medical acne treatments, since a lot of the excess oil and sebum works it’s way out during the clearing phase which may result in an eruption.  Then again there are many who do not experience any sort of adjustment period, but it’s something to be aware of.

I’ve had teens as well adults say that this product and its new accompanying topical products have done a beautiful and long lasting job of clearing their acne and making their skin appear healthy again. Acnezine is worth looking into, and it’s actually a very economical option when you compare it to any sort of medical treatment.  Plus, it’s antioxidants, so you can’t go wrong with that to begin with.

2.)  Zenmed Dermacleanse Review : OK, this one, as you may well know, is one of my all time favorites.  Not only because it’s offered from a world class provider of herbal and natural alternatives which are non irritating and ultimately always beautifying to the skin, but because it is centered in the philosophy of one of my personal favorites, and that is Chinese medicine.

Zenmed’s Dermacleanse acne treatment system not only offers an herbal supplement to clear the acne sources from the internal body, but also an excellent regimen in it’s cleanser and toner.  I’ve used all of it, and I love it, period. It’s non irritating, no dyes are used, and you can just feel the product’s goodness when you apply it, and your skin looks amazing with each use, never red or irritated.

The herbal supplement part of the treatment though, may be my favorite part of this product.  I took this internal acne treatment for about 4 months, and by the end, I was so cleared up I couldn’t believe it.

This was about eight years ago or so by now, and I’d recommend anyone with flareups go on the stuff, because it really does do something inside that I can’t fully explain, but it is supposed to have internal calming properties that help calm the nervous system and hence also calm the hormones that are raging and undoubtedly have a huge responsibility for creating acne lesions on the face.

All in all, if I were to “rate” these in order of importance and preference, for me personally, it would be Zenmed.  I just really believe in the company’s products and have seen excellent results firsthand.

3.) Clear Pores Review : Another acne treatment that we like here is the one called Clear Pores, which is a relative newcomer compared to the other two reviewed on this page, however, the website is loaded with tons of great, very clear before and after pictures of the product’s clients who have tried the product and had wonderful results with it.

The Clear Pores acne treatment kit is really a complete regimen, and it also contains an herbally based supplement, which is something we always recommend with any skin care system since it really is vital to not only use top notch acne fighters on the outside of the skin in the form of cleansers, toners, creams ointments, gels and you name it, but also to be taking a formula that is designed to address the acne causing problems that are occurring as chemical and hormone reactions within the body

This is really the factor in making an excellent acne treatment product, not just externally treating as some noted products do that have really made a big name, but fail to address acne long term, and then your acne gets worse almost immediately upon stopping it.

Instead, Clear Pores has a great line of external cleansers and toners, and it also has a line that addresses body acne as well, which is pretty awesome since body acne needs to be treated a little differently than delicate facial acne (usually in other words, it can be treated more aggressively).

So, hope you enjoyed these three acne treatment reviews, and hope you also put them to good use.  It’s confusing when trying to dissect all that’s available out there in the world of skin care, but with a little help and even a little of your own self research and searching, you can come up with the right one for your skin.

4.)  Acne Free in 3 Days Review – Last but not least today I want to share with you an awesome book about how one man got rid of his acne the natural way.  It’s so good that many have raved about how his story has changed their skin dramatically, and they couldn’t have done it without his help.

It’s always awesome when someone who actually suffered with acne much of their life comes out with something that they found helped them because you know that it really worked, and that they went through the same feelings as you did with their acne.  It’s quite a struggle as we all know, and we all just want our skin to reflect the person we are inside.

Read more about the Acne Free in 3 Days program, which by the way also comes chock full of freebie extras and it’s all so reasonably priced I can’t believe they haven’t jacked this up since it’s gotten such positive feedback from people.

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  • February 25, 2008 at 6:29 pmjessica

    hi, just wanna ask if there’s an eruption stage of pimples when using zenmed? hope you could reply,,thanks a lot!

    Jessica, yes, I’ve actually discussed this before when talking about my own personal experience with the zenmed line, and when i was taking the Dermacleanse tablets, I did experience a brief period of the acne getting worse before it got better.  I think it was just a period of adjustment, or possibly a “purging” if you will….but that’s just my educated guess.  Hope this answers your question.  Thanks for reading! 

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