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Best Way to Apply Self Tanner to Your Face

Self Tanner FaceApplying self tanner to your face can be intimidating.  It’s one thing to apply self tanning products to your body, in areas that are less visible and “out there”  than your face, which is the first thing people see, and which you really cannot hide.  It’s entirely another to apply it to your face, front and center.

We’ve all seen a bad self tanner application on the face. You can see blotches of orange, and it looks pretty bad if it did not apply smoothly and evenly.

However, I’ve used self tanner on my face for a long time now (I don’t use it a lot on my body any more, I’ve become lazy with it unfortunately), so I have some tips I can share with you on what products I think work the best on the facial skin and how to apply it best for the most even, sun kissed look.

Self tanner on the face can really help make your complexion look terrific. It takes away years of aging in one fell swoop, and makes you look youthful and refreshed if you can get it applied correctly.  It’s one of my favorite  go-to methods for making myself look and feel prettier and making my facial skin look rejuvenated and summery.

I don’t do it a whole lot in the winter since my neck skin is very pale and it would look really “off” if I had a tan face and white neck, but in the summer I do it since if I do get sun, my face doesn’t really get much since I wear sunscreen and if I lay out in the sun, I actually cover my face physically so it blocks the sun.

You’ll see a picture of the product I’m currently using as a facial self tanner in the upper left.  I’m using the Neutrogena brand of spray tanner. You’ll also see a much-used makeup application pad as well. I use these in conjunction to get the right look.

First off, start with a freshly washed face. Moisturize the heck out of your face, so that there are no dry spots at all.  Make sure your moisturizer has completely sunk in all the way before you apply the self tanner.  You can even apply a few layers of moisturizer to make the effect look even better, softer and “dewier”.

Once it is all sunk in, take your sponge and spray it with the liquid self tanner. You don’ t need much for your face, and you don’t want to over do it and come out with a too-tan face, so start off with small amounts and work your way up as needed if it didn’t quite cut it.

Take the sprayed makeup sponge, and begin to blend the self tanner into the face, making sure you get under the eyes, the lid area, and right up into the hair line very thoroughly. These are the spots people tend to miss, so make sure you get it everywhere on the face evenly.  I exhaustively blend until the sponge is almost dry just to make sure I don’t have any streaks.

Let it dry and make sure you don’t get any water or liquid on it for a few hours. I even watch how I drink water, because you can end up with a mouth ring of white if you let the water breach the sides of your lips.

Voila, there you have the perfect facial self-tan!

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