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Hormone Regulation and Acne : Part II

There are several natural ways to help balance your hormones, whether you are a sixteen year old girl, a woman in her forties, or a man in his teens or later in life. Diet is crucial to hormone control. Eating a ton of refined carbs is a no no. They cause huge spikes in blood sugar, which interferes with hormone control. Thought that the image of a teen who eats nothing but pizza and ice cream having a horrid complexion is a falsehood?

Think again. Diet has a lot to do with hormonal balance and keeping acne free skin. A number of so-called natural acne treatments promise to “equalize” hormonal imbalances to reduce adult acne breakouts. But you should be very cautious when using those drugs, because they can produce side effects and worsen the condition of the skin.

But the good news is effective alternative treatments for controlling hormones and helping treat acne are available. If you’re concerned about adult acne, consult a dermatologist to learn more about safe, proven treatments. Also, check with your doctor for a good advice. Once the doctor successfully identified the relation of hormone to acne, he may normally prescribe certain medications for treatment.

Dermatologists generally prefer to try other treatments for acne first before prescribing birth control pills. Successful treatment of severe adult acne may take months or even years. Therefore, natural methods are the most preferred means to avoid such complexities. An adequate consumption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is the foremost step in treating the acne problem. Herbal added to the diet bring out better and quicker results without any adverse effects.

Natural remedies for hormonal imbalance may include herbal extracts from naturopathic sources, but food is also a natural remedy for many ailments. Another good idea is to take your healthy oils with fruits that naturally contain high amounts of enzymes such as papaya, kiwi fruit, figs and pineapple. So, once you notice that something is going wrong, you should immediately solve that problem! That is not just a wish, not just a hope, not just if it works out…but an absolute reason why you must make this change happen now in your life.

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The Importance of Maintaining Hormone Balance for Your Skin

Have you ever heard of the word acne? Well, it is a skin disorder, mainly caused by some hormonal imbalance. There are a whole host of problems, symptoms, and conditions which are caused by hormonal imbalance in your body.

Hormones are responsible for the regulation of many important functions; among them are: cell metabolism, muscle metabolism, balance of our internal environment, sexual and reproductive function, sleep and growth cycles, and the burning and storing of fat. In regards to acne, hormones also control and regulate your skin oil production. Oil secreted by skin is also known as sebum. Sebum production goes into overdrive when our hormones are in flux.

The acne dilemma is often experienced more by female society as compared to men. This does not mean that men don’t get acne badly as well, but women are typically the ones that often suffer acne even later into life. Our hormone levels are subject to more swings than men are, simply because we experience life events that change our hormone balance, like our menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, and other events that make our hormones a little more difficult to control than men’s are.

Very often, the teens become victims of acne because they are experiencing numerous changes in hormone levels and hormone activity. They are going through the changes that make them men and women, respectively, and unfortunately this entails a whole lot of hormone craziness during that time period. Our skin’s clarity and freedom from acne depends in large part on what our hormones are doing, so it should come as no surprise that during these formative years of hormone dips and spikes, you would experience acne the worst. .

So far you understand that your acne is an important message that something is going very wrong internally. The big question on every ones mind then is, how do you begin to regulate these hormones in our body? Since this article is going to take up quite a bit more time than I originally thought, I’m going to split this into two parts. Hormone balance, as you know, is absolutely a fundamental, critical aspect to not only hormonal acne control, but also to your mental health, and it is something that should be addressed often.

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Rose Water : Uses for Your Skin

I have to admit, I’ve been totally ignorant as to what rose water actually is when I’ve seen it in ingredients in my skin care and body care products (of course, it’s only in the natural ones I buy sometimes, which I do prefer to stick to).  I’ve never actually thought it had to do with roses, which is silly because the name implies – no, smacks you in the face with the fact that it is made some how with roses.  I just thought maybe it was a pretty name for something completely different, or was named for it’s color or something.

But that’s exactly what rose water is. It’s made with roses. Mostly it’s made with roses of the Damask variety, which have many petals, so provide a plentiful base for which to make this product. Rose water is basically what you get when you expel all of the natural essential rose oil out of the petals, and have a watery substance leftover. This is rose water. It often has a pleasant light pink color, and smells great, but the oil does smell better.

Rose water has earned a reputation as an antiseptic natural ingredient, and also as an antibacterial agent.  So it may actually fit well into your acne skin care routine. Women (and men) say they like this natural spritzer as an astringent for their skin to get the bacteria off, and I’ve heard many times that people like to spritz some on in the middle of the day to refresh and tone their skin and bring some brightness and vitality back to it.  Sounds like I could use this stuff in the middle of my day sometimes!

Some people make a wonderful moisturizer out of rose water and glycerin, which is a noncomedogenic moisturizing agent that also happens to be all natural.  It is supposed to be good for sensitive skin too, so those with skin prone to rashes and irritation say that they can use this without incident.

It is important that if you ever buy rose water to try it out as a skin refresher, that you make sure you only buy one that is made from organic roses. You definitely don’t want to be spritzing pesticides and chemicals onto your skin, since your skin absorbs these ingredients just as if you drank them in orally sometimes.

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Acne is Trapped Bacteria

Isn’t it kind of weird to think that if the bacteria that normally lands on our skin on a daily basis, just from exposure to the elements alone, were to escape off the surface of our skin like it normally should if we didn’t have over active sebaceous glands that trapped it in oil that is on the surface of the skin, we wouldn’t have to worry about acne? That’s why acne and oily skin go hand in hand, one wouldn’t exist without the other, and vice versa. So, you have to attack acne one of two ways, or both together.

You have to either treat the underlying problem, if you would, which is the overproduction of oil on the surface of the skin by the oil glands, which is done by drugs such as accutane. You can also get hormone controlling natural supplements for acne, like Zenmed caplets which work wonders for me personally when I’m having a flare up, which help to control the production of sebum, which comes from the sebaceous glands. You can also attack the bacteria on the surface of the skin, so there is not any bacteria that escapes to the depths of your skin.

This type of approach is achieved with topical cleansers and gels that kill bacteria, but it can also be achieved by topical treatments such as blue light therapy, which helps to control surface bacteria.

Or you can take a two pronged approach, which is probably the best way, and attack acne two fold by addressing the bacterial problem by using only high quality products that are also gentle on the top of your skin (cleansers, gels, creams, lotions, etc.), and you can also use something internal like a natural supplement for acne control or a dermatologist prescribed medication, although I personally warn people away from antibiotics because of their potential long term effects on your body and your probiotics in your intestines.

For women, there has also been a suggested potential link between long term antibiotic use and breast cancer, and I personally believe there are better ways to internally treat acne anyways. Diet is important, yes, but there are also ways that you can help regulate your hormones through supplementation and lifestyle.

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Buying Dermacleanse Pills Again..

Well, I’m at an ultra stressful juncture of my life, planning a wedding with very little time to do so to my boyfriend of seven and a half years, and my skin is definitely showing the stress in the way of new acne lesions, as it always does and always has for the past twenty or so years. But I know something that always works for me in that arena, and since I have a little over one month until we get married in Las Vegas, I can use the Dermacleanse capsules to ensure that my skin is pristine once again in time for our nuptials.

After all, a girl dreams about her wedding day for a long time, and she definitely doesn’t want to be all broken out, red and patchy for her special day and not to mention for all those photographs that will live on in infamy for years and years in the family photo albums. I know you’re thinking jeez, this is just a Vegas wedding, but we booked a full on chapel with flowers, and photography and the whole shbang, with a lot of people in attendance who are flying out there to witness our marriage, so I really want to put my best face forward, so to speak.

I will be sure to report my results with the acne cleansing supplement Dermacleanse by Zenmed as soon as I’ve been using it for at least a week, so be sure to check back and look for my results using this great supplement for the third time. Coming from someone who’s tried everything for their acne, it’s really a compliment that I would use this product for a third time, trust me!

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An Acne Fighting Chocolate?

Well, this may be one of the coolest inventions ever – if it truly works.  For those of you who have heard the ever perpetuated myth that “chocolate causes acne”, this is going to look really ironic, which I think is the point the makers of the new chocolate candy that is supposed to help you fight and treat acne were going for.  Of course, we do know that there is no truth to the thought that chocolate causes acne, but we do know that diets high in sugar can definitely aggravate acne, which is probably where the chocolate myth came from in the first place.  After all, what better favorite sugary dessert of everyone’s to pin it on than chocolate?

Well, this news came out of Australia although it is an American company called Frutels that is making the chocolate for acne treatment, and apparently a company that is manufacturing chocolates is saying that after consuming some of their chocolate candies every day, you should notice a significant improvement in your acne.  Sounds like quite the gimmick, right?

So I decided to read a bit more on this seemingly bogus, yet very intriguing (I have to admit, who wouldn’t want to improve their skin by eating chocolate, now come on!) topic, and found out a little more about this interetsing new product offering and why it’s supposed to help naturally treat and clear up acne.  So far the product is only set to hit Australian shelves, I’m ont sure why, but maybe this is their test market and then they will hit the US?

Frutels acne treating chocolate comes in a bright orange box, and says that it “supports clear skin form the inside out”.  Interesting concept, and I must admit I’m an advocate of internally treating acne by means of natural remedies such as Zenmed’s dermacleanse capsules and other remedies that are taken internally that help balance the hormones and also calm the nervous system for maximum clear skin advantage, so I read more.

Apparently you should eat between two and five of the chocolates per day, and within a matter of a few weeks, your skin is supposed to be noticeably more free of acne.  They achieve this they say, by packing their chocolate with additional antioxidants (this is the same principal that one of the more popular natural acne supplements here in the US, Acnezine, uses in their formula), and micronutrients that support healthy, unblemished skin.

The company claims that about 73% of the users of the product experienced significant improvement in their skin within 2 weeks of taking two of the chocolate bars per day, which is pretty impressive.  The product costs about forty bucks for a month supply.  The company is Frutels, you can look them up on for more information if you’re interest in doing some more of your own research on this unique new product.  If anyone has any experiences with Frutels chocolate acne treatment, PLEASE share them with us here, we’d love to hear about it, and share with all of our other readers.

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What Benefits Acne May Benefit Your Anti Aging Goals

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or so that’s how most everything in life goes if you believe fairy tales and cliches.  As far as your skin care routine and special treatments used for acne, sometimes the same thing that may be good for acne and acne scarring may also be good for aging skin.

For example, the chemical peels that are good for aging skin are also many times good for acne since they can clear the pores as well as take layers of dead skin cells off and smoothe out old acne scars and ice pick scars that are going to be smoothed out dramatically from removing the old dead skin cells that form scars in the first place.

Another good example of a treatment that is god for acne as well as aging skin (wrinkles) is microdermabrasion kits. These come in home treatments kits that massage away the dead skin cells with force.  They use small crystals of sand or of other organic materials that help to “blast” the skin and smoothe away the wrinkles as well as acne scars at the same time. 

You should be careful when using these treatments though since you can actually damage the delicate skin around the eyes if you use too much force when rubbing the crystals around the eye area.  This skin is especially delicate (hence, how easily it wrinkles and is the first to show the signs of aging on the face).

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Anti Inflammatories and Acne

You’ve probably heard a lot about “anti inflammation” or anti inflammatories that naturally occur as a natural acne remedy or herbal acne remedy to be used to help quell what causes acne, which many times if rootly caused by hormones, but which is actually “carried out” by inflammation in the skin cells, which in turns causes those nasty little eruptions that you’re probably all too familiar with if you are reading this blog about acne. 

So, what are some naturally anti inflamation foods, juices, fruits and veggies that can help fight acne and other unsightly skin problems like rosacea and acne rosacea which are largely attributed to inflammation of the skin.  Well, one of the best is omega 3 oils, which are naturally heart protective and also tend to help the skin by reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing.  Anti oxidants are also often excellent anti inflammatory agents that go to work on free radicals, which cause their own form of destruction by going against the healthy skin cells that make your skin look great. 

Omega 3 oils can be found in supplements, such as fish oil supplements, but they can also be found in almonds, macedamia nuts, certain types of fish, acai berry (which also happens to be one potent antioxidant!), olives, olive oil and other foods that are a bit too numerous to mention here.  Those ones I mentioned are some of the best sources you will find for omega 3 essential oils though.

As far as antioxidants which also perform double duty as anti-inflammatories, there is the acai berry which is typically found growing wild in the Amazon forest, and elsewhere may be farmed, raspberries actually have a wonderful anti inflammatory property which is said to be almost akin to taking a pill for inflammation, only obviously much healthier, blueberries, strawberries, and dark leafy veggies – and by dark I mean the darker the better, and the more antioxidants!

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Did a Thermal Body Wrap Help My Acne?

I have just started a body wrap and cellulite reduction program through a local salon by me, and I think I may actually be getting a little fringe benefit that I wouldn’t have expected – less blemishes.  It’s either just because my hormones are really settled right now (coincidence), or that the thermal body wraps that are part of the regimen are helping my facial skin clarity and tone.  Not only have I noticed my blemishes improving, but my skin looks “fresh”.

Of course, that could be because I’m sweating my butt off with every body wrap since it’s a thermal (infrared) body wrap which produces extreme heat so as to penetrate the layers of skin and the deeper fat layers and prepare them for a massage therapy that then breaks up the fatty tissue beneath, and hence the cellulite.

Here’s how the thermal (infrared) wraps work that I’m having done now, twice a week, alternating it with a machine that sort of massages the fat and cellulite and smooths the skin out in problem areas like the thighs and buttocks.  You are laid out on a table with towels covering what they call “hot spots” that tend to get too hot and can even burn your skin if your skin is not protected. 

It’s a rubber wrap that you are wrapped tightly in, and you basically sit there while it heats up for 50 minutes, and sweat like you’ve never sweated before.  It greatly increases circulation and also is said to have detoxifying effects since you are supposed to sweat a lot of the toxins out of your body. 

This may also account for the skin benefits, but I can’t be sure of course because I don’t know enough about the science of these treatments to know for sure that they would benefit that skin.  It just seems to be a small benefit that I’ve personally noticed.  Hmm, maybe this could not only be a treatment for my cellulite, but sort of a complementary alternative treatment for acne prevention. 

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And.. More on Natural Astringents!

Another natural astringent is a good old favorite, witch hazel, which is dirt cheap. Unfortunately, I’ve never liked the way witch hazel has worked on my skin personally, but I certainly can’t speak for everyone. Hey, if you want to try it, you don’t have much to lose since it’s cheap!

Some other natural astringents are lemon juice and cucumber. Cucumber can not only be used under your eyes, as the famous cheap under-eye fix is known (putting a slice of cucumber under each eye has been used since I can remember for bags and to help tighten and tone that under eye skin), but apparently it can also be used on the entire face as a toner.

As far as lemon juice goes, you’d want to dilute this one, since it is very acidic. You know I’m a fan of drinking fresh lemon juice in water, since it can really help to internally balance the acid in your body, which may help to contribute to pristine, clear skin as well as contribute to a healthy and glowing skin tone. I think this is a great addition to your natural acne treatment of choice. 

Probably the most gentle natural astringent is cucumber. You can kind of tell which ones are more potent by the smell. Lemon juice and tea tree oil are of course a much more pungent and acid-like smell, and they are accordingly more strong on the surface of the skin, and cucumber barely has a scent at all, and it is extremely mild, so this is a general rule of thumb you can follow.

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