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Could Plastic BPA’s Affect Acne?

Recent news has not only implicated the chemical found in plastic, coined “BPA’s” for short, in a potential link to breast cancer, but it has also now linked this chemical, which many believe is more dangerous than the companies who manufactured products made with hard plastics, which contains BPA’s in large quantity, have lead the public to believe, but also that it might even be linked to higher levels of impotence in men. What this suggests is that the main concern behind contact with BPA’s, which is an interference with natural hormone balance, may have numerous other implications, not just in certain types of cancer, the majority of which tend to be hormonally related.

BPA’s have been shown to interfere with the natural hormone balance in the human body, because they are essentially synthetic estrogens, that basically mimic the real hormone estrogen in the body when they are released. How are they released and ingested, you ask? Well, say if you have one of those really popular large, hard plastic water bottles that so many people have these days. You let your water sit in there for a while, perhaps even in a hot car. Well, unbeknownst to you, these chemicals called BPA’s have been leaching from the plastic into your water, and you are unknowingly drinking in BPA’s which ultimately can interfere with your hormones.

This has caused a lot of concern, and even if the health threat isn’t as large as some would have you believe, it’s probably better safe than sorry not only for your skin and the potential issues that the resulting estrogen imbalance might cause, but also for the many other health issues this may impose if it’s true, you may want to buy yourself a glass or stainless steel water bottle. Neither of these leaches any type of harmful chemical into your drinking water.

And, if you really must still drink bottled water in a plastic bottle, make sure that you do not let it sit for long periods of time, and especially don’t let it sit in a warm or hot car, as the leaching takes on a whole new level when the temperature is elevated. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and believe me, your water tastes much better out of stainless steel and glass anyways, you’ll be amazed at the difference, there’s no plastic taste at all, which only lends further credibility to the argument that it leaches chemicals.

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December 1, 2009 at 6:39 am
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