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Does Being Diabetic Mean Higher Risk of Skin Problems?

Diabetes has been on the increase now here in the US for decades. Most speculate that it has a lot to do with our diet. The Western diet is full of processed foods that have all the vitamins and mineral stripped out of them. They are also high in sugar, fat and sodium typically, adding even more skin woes to the picture since these are all bad for the health and appearance of your skin.

Not only that, but eating a diet like this is an almost certain way to become diabetic at some point in your life or at the very least become pre-diabetic, which is just treading the line of having serious blood sugar stability issues.

Your blood sugar levels, and keeping them stable, are definitely tied to the health and beauty of your skin. I notice when my blood sugar is out of whack, I tend to break out more. Why? Because your blood sugar is also tied to hormonal balance.

As you know, the androgens (male hormones) are the underlying cause to most acne cases since they stimulate the body to over-produce sebum which collects pore clogging materials like a magnet and causes inflammation of the pores in the form of blackheads and whiteheads.

It is estimated that approximately 33% of all diabetics are afflicted with some sort of skin condition. This can range from boils and acne to rashes, rosacea and redness that is not easily controlled. Of course, along with that you also have the additional problem of slow wound healing which most diabetics suffer from.

Slow wound healing means that if you get an acne pustule, your lesion will take longer to heal than it would on others who do not have diabetes. This means acne breakouts could take days or weeks longer to clear up. It also means that things like boils and other infections deeply under the skin could become life threatening because they become so deeply embedded and hard to treat.

Immunity is key to clear up acne breakouts, and when your immunity is compromised by having diabetes, you really tend to see a lot longer periods of breakouts and skin issues (as well as other health problems, I actually have a family member who couldn’t be operated on because their blood sugar was so high they were afraid she wouldn’t heal fast enough and the risk of infection was sky high).

My sister, who is in school for nursing right now, told me that if there is any health issue I want to avoid like the plague, it’s diabetes. She said that your blood sugar is so closely tied to so many other vital bodily functions that once you get diabetes, massive additional health issues are almost certain to ensue.

When you consider the serious ramifications of diabetes, coupled with the skin conditions it can cause, it becomes important to treat your body right and try everything in your power to not get it. Of course many times it is genetic, but you can still control it via a clean lifestyle to a large extent.

And the bonus of a clean lifestyle? BEAUTIFUL, SQUEAKY CLEAN, HEALTHY SKIN. FOR LIFE.











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