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Dry Skin on the Side of Your Nose?

It seems like we all tend to have the same problem areas not only when it comes to more acne prone areas of the face, but also when it comes to the areas of the face that seem to be the most prone to drying out on most people. Especially women, it seems. It’s ironic too, because this actual part of your face – your nose, the appendage that sticks out the farthest on your face, is one of the more acne prone areas as well. We all know too well that those pesky blackheads are always apt to pop up on the bridge of your nose, and they’re hard to get rid of.

Why, then, is the dryest part of the face, on the sides of the nose? I’ve always wondered that. It seems like the more sun damaged your facial skin is, the more problems you have with this area of your face as well.

I thought initially that it might be because I wasn’t getting proper amounts of moisturizer on this tricky, hidden area, but even when I consciously made sure I was putting a ton of moisturizer in this area, it still tended toward dryness and flaking, and also toward redness, which was maddening to try to get rid of.

It’s important to always attempt to exfoliate this area of the face when it is wet and the dry, flaking skin that tend to accumulate there is swept away. This is really the reason that you notice the dryness more there – its’ a crevace where all of the dead, dry flakes can accumulate, but if you make sure you are getting rid of those flakes on a nightly basis when you wash them away either with a manual exfoliator, or with your hand, then it will be much less noticeable.

Heck, even the woman who helped me pick out a facial cleanser the other day at the store noticed that my skin was red around my nose. Although, let me add, I went to the store with not a trace of makeup on. I guess that makes me feel a little better about that comment, however, it always still stings a bit when someone critiques your facial skin!

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December 22, 2009 at 7:33 am
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