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Energy Drinks Not Only Break Your Skin Out

With the flurry of reports that consumption of energy drinks has resulted in serious bodily health issues or even death, we’re reminded of the harm that these highly caffeinated and stimulant-laced drinks often also totally mess with your dreams of good skin.

Caffeine, and a lot of it, is only one part of the problem for energy drinks. They often combine the caffeine with other stimulants and taurine.  The combination of these ingredients, which are often in most energy drinks no matter what brand you pick, actually can lead to easier blood clotting in addition to faster heart rate which can be a deadly combination.

Studies in the past have found that very soon after one drinks an energy drink with these precarious ingredients, their blood gets “stickier” which makes it easier for the blood to get stuck or hold up the blood flow in various parts of the body.

This could mean an increased risk of heart attack and an increased risk of stroke since both rely on free flowing, thin blood to help keep these events at bay.

I’ve long been talking about how these energy drinks (and supplements like this I might add) are no good for your skin. they cause dramatic surges and changes in your hormones often times which means they can lead to your skin being super oily all of the sudden. This almost always leads to a breakout.

They speed up the heart rate and make your palms sweaty and make you feel nervous anyway. ┬áThese things combined are what really makes it tough to endorse these types of caffeinated products with any confidence in how they won’t impact your health negatively.

Trust me, I have partaken in them though. When I need a desperate surge of energy and I’m just dragging, I’ve definitely used energy drinks to my advantage. However, I never over do it. The cases where people have had heart attacks and other life threatening events are usually where people have had way too many of these drinks within a short period of time.

If you use these drinks, use them with extreme caution and moderation.

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December 1, 2012 at 2:53 pm
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