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Habits for Clear, Clean Skin

In order to have good healthy clear complexion, it’s very important to develop healthy habits. Maintaining good skin cleansing and diet habits is imperative in order to have clear healthy complexion. Here are some tips that one can use on a daily basis. Remember to use gentle care when attending to your skin.

Over washing your skin on your face and other areas, can result in extremely dry areas. One tip, that is essential is never go to sleep with make up on your face. That will lead lead to clogged pores, which in the majority of cases lead to acme. Another tip, the temperature of the water you use to rinse off dirt and or make up should be room temperature, versus very cold or very hot.

Always use extreme gentle care when removing makeup from your face – you know from reading before if you’re a frequent reader that I’m an advocate of natural acne skin cleansers that are gentle because over drying or irritating the skin with harsh chemicals or surfactants is a surefire way to increase breakouts, not defeat them.

The following tips seems to be very beneficial to a nice natural glow, is to use natural products, on your face. They tend to be less harsh. Harsh chemicals in commercial products can cause a lot of damage. Some natural products that work well are Almond oil, it probably is the best natural moisture one can use. It is only necessary to use extremely small amounts, around the eyes and mouth, and in any other dry areas.

This is much more potent then any commercial product you may have used in the past, so it’s important to use as little as possible. A little goes a long way. Mayonnaise works very well as a moisturize too, but not for people with acne I might add – people with acne are better off to useĀ  noncomedogenic moisturizer that is all natural. These products are to be used on dryer complexions, if they are used on oily complexions, it may make the condition worse.

Scrubs are very good products to use on all complexions, mud based ones, or apricots scrubs work best. Gentle is the word that is very important in all rituals for a great complexion. Make sure to always keep your hair out of your face, if your hair has a tendency to fall onto your face, use a headband or elastic to keep it off of your face.

The oil from the hair can make acne worse, or in some cases bring it on. Many think that the sun can make acne better. It can for a very short period of time. You should always use sunscreen, because sun burn can cause permanent long range damage, in some cases it can lead to death. Avoid junk food.

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