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Healthier Fast Food for Your Skin – Burger King Gets in the Mix

Many of us are unfortunately relegated to making the pit stop for a quick meal here and there. There’s no getting around that fact in today’s deliriously fast paced world.  But many times the choices on the menu are not skin-friendly nor are the figure-friendly.

Foods like french fries, red meat and cheese and fatty mayonnaise and other toppings and dressings are really the recipe for sallow looking, tired and uneven toned skin. However, there looks to be promise on the fast food front after all – and a savior for those of us on the go for healthy skin and a healthy weight!

I’ve gotta say that I’m somewhat impressed with a few fast food restaurants that really seem to up their game when it comes to serving clients who are looking for healthier, lower calorie options when on the go. After all, not everyone wants to add to their thighs or belly even more simply by having to eat on the run more than once a week!

Burger King has offered a vegetarian (or even vegan) version of their Whopper sandwich for years. True, it’s only a Whopper sandwich with no meat, but it offered vegans and vegetarians a tasty version of their hallmark sandwich for less cost and with zero meat. I used to practically live on these both when I worked there as my first teen job, and then in college where I was a vegetarian for about two years give or take.

Another meatless option they’ve offered for a long time on their menu is the veggie burger. This is a Morningstar meatless patty with the most of the fixings that go on the Whopper like tomato, lettuce mayo and onion, only with no meat and less calories. I’ve had one a few times, and it’s not bad, especially since it’s charbroiled!

Now Burger King, ever the trailblazer in the newer menu offerings that always seem slightly more abundant than other joints, is adding a turkey burger to their lower calorie offering. Although it’s really not THAT much lower than the beefy burgers. If it’s as big as a Whopper though, that’s not a problem!

The turkey burger will give healthier diners the option to get something that isn’t red meat, while still satisfying their fast food tooth with tasty toppings like guacamole (which is great for your skin with all the fatty acids). Of course, it’s also going to be charbroiled, which means it will taste better than a turkey burger that’s pan fried. Bleh!

The cost of the burger is going to be about $3.99, which is pretty much in line with a lot of their other offerings. I’m anxious to try this one out. Hopefully I can have the willpower to not order the fries with it. But what’s a burger without the fries!

McDonald’s is healthy-ing up one of their most popular menu items too in other fast food news. They’re going to be offering their popular Egg McMuffin with a yolkless egg – just egg whites, which have way less calories, no cholesterol and no fat like their normal eggs have. I bet you can barely tell the difference!

Another restaurant that offers some tasty healthier options is Wendy’s, although it is limited. They offer baked potatoes made any way you want them, which can be low fat depending on what you order. Also, one of my favorites is their chili. It’s actually an accepted food on the Weight Watcher’s plan!

That’s because it has so much fiber in it and is also actually low fat even though it’s made with red meat. Their vegetarian options are obviously very limited though, so I’ve been wondering when they’re gonna come up with something fun other than salads for vegetarians.

Steak ‘n Shake is another one that has some healthier options on their menu. They have a veggie burger and also turkey burgers – unheard of for a fast food joint! Plus their food is pretty darn good. Now, this is a place my husband and I go when we know we’re gonna be “bad” but who knows maybe one day I’ll actually get something healthier there, it might be tasty like their other stuff!


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