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High RF (Radio Frequency) Devices for Acne Treatment

I came upon an intriguing device that was new to me in the world of effective treatments for acne (that don’t involve dangerous drugs or antibiotics). There are SO many acne treatment home devices out there now, including one of my favorites, the blue and red light therapy devices that can really work wonders for killing acne causing bacteria (blue light) and then healing the skin faster (red light).

There are also countless heating devices, extraction devices for extracting tough to get blackheads, facial devices, exfoliation and supersonic cleansing devices. You name it, it’s available for the treatment of acne. So it’s hard to figure out which one of these types of home treatment options might work for you.

I was actually browsing for something unrelated to acne and was spellbound when I came upon a reasonably priced high RF, or radiofrequency device. These devices actually send vibrations and stimulation to the deeper tissue layers of the skin with a variety of claimed side effects.

These side effects include more rapid hair growth, less acne, less sun spots and more. But how can these devices help to treat and heal acne? Apparently the devices have a very antibacterial action on the skin. Of course as you know, acne is caused not only by overactive hormones that lead to excess sebum where debris sticks, but also by a certain bacteria that infects the pores and causes acne lesions.

These high RF devices help to free up the pores, they claim to also help shrink them, and they also claim to have excellent antibacterial benefits as well. There are several people claiming that they have experienced quite a nice clearing of their skin with regular use of these devices, depending on the caliber and quality of the one you look at.

It is usually emphasized that you need to make sure you use it regularly to get the best results, so you should probably use it at least the minimum of what is suggested. Also, one common complaint was that for a lot of the models there are no good instructions that accompany them.

No big deal though, you can usually snag some good instructional videos off Youtube and other similar video sites. The sensation is supposed to be fairly pleasant, but some people report feeling it in their teeth and some report feeling an unpleasant shock when they have it turned up too high, so it is definitely something that should be used with great care and caution.

I’d really love to hear from any readers who have used a high RF device to help treat and clear their acne, or for any other skin related conditions. We want to hear it!


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