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Easy, Home Made Treatments for Acne

Often, both prescription and over-the-counter acne medications improve your acne but cannot eradicate it completely which is why many acne sufferers are turning to homemade acne treatments more often.  Additionally, homemade acne treatments are less invasive to the body and do not have the harsh chemicals that many medications do.

Homeopathic acne treatments and herbal acne supplements are also good natural alternatives to look into, they use the body’s own natural “cleansing” defenses to help treat acne.

Homemade acne treatments are becoming increasingly popular.  A good skincare regimen to fight acne will always begin with getting the right amount of sleep and exercise as well as the proper diet.  However, with these three important factors, the amount of water you drink on a daily basis is a key to clear skin.

In addition to the getting enough of the right minerals and vitamins, drinking plain old water will promote healthy skin.  It cleanses the skin from the inside out and keeps the skin hydrated.  As you have heard before, eight glasses of water is recommended.

Once you have gotten your daily regimen down of eating the right foods, exercising, getting enough sleep, and drinking water, you have got to think about caring for the skin on the outside.

This is one of the best alternatives to acne medications, since it is a lifestyle that promotes healthy skin all around. You may not be aware, but one of the main causes of acne is an accumulation of dirt, oils, and bacteria on the skin, which can all clog pores which lead to pustules (whiteheads) and blackheads.  So, it is important to keep the skin both clean and protected.

It is ideal to cleanse the facial skin at least twice a day (when you wake up and before you go to bed) with a mild soap.  The best time to wash the face is first thing in the morning and then before going to bed.  Washing your face is essential, even if you do not wear make-up.  And always remember to apply a noncomedogenic sunscreen before going outside.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on this cleanser so long as it is a mild one.  The cleanser you choose should be water-soluble and rinse of easily without making your skin feel tight and dry.  However, you can also make your own.

Using a baking soda mixture to wash your face can help remove and reduce redness, itching, and burning.  It is simply made by mixing a little bit of water with baking soda.  The baking soda will also act as an exfoliant.

What is a Homeopathic remedy?

In addition to using a cleanser twice a day, it is important to treat your skin with deep cleansing, ideally with facial acne treatment masks.  Store brand facial masks can cost anywhere from $3 to $100, depending on where you shop.  At home, you can make an equally effective mask in your own kitchen.

An oatmeal mask can help reduce and remove the oil that clogs pores.  Simply combine some oatmeal with warm water to make a thick paste, and then apply it to your face, leaving it on for about 10-20 minutes.

When rinsing the oatmeal off, it will also act as a scrub to give your skin a fresh and smooth feeling.  Remember to follow an oatmeal mask with a cool water splash to close the pores.  This mask should be used about once a week.

Another amazing homemade acne treatment mask is comprised of apples and honey. For this, you finely grate an apple and mix it with 4 tablespoons of honey.  Apply it to your face and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.  You can use this mask up to three times a week, it is very gentle as a natural acne remedy.

If you are not into oatmeal or apples and honey, another very effective homemade acne treatment mask is made with egg whites, lemon juice, and a little bit of witch hazel.  Simply beat the egg white until it stiffens (as if you were making a meringue), and then add a few drops of witch hazel and lemon juice.

Apply the mask for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.  However, this mask is not ideal for vegetarians.  Homemade acne treatments do not only include facial masks and a healthy lifestyle, but also herbal treatments.

By supplementing your diet with certain herbs, you can naturally eradicate acne on your own.  This seems to make sense since many of the over-the-counter and prescription acne medications your dermatologist would recommend are derived from plants.

Combining certain herbs and taking them orally can help clear up the skin.  Mixing milk and ginger, honey or lemon with cinnamon, ground orange peel and water, and salt and vinegar are all examples of herbal combinations that can help improve the skin naturally.

Herbal extracts applied topically are also considered some effective homemade acne treatments.  Extract of red clover, fresh mint, raw papaya, and even garlic can help alleviate redness and swelling of acne breakouts.

Tea tree oil is also an ideal astringent for such times because it can easily kill off the bacteria causing the acne outbreak.  Additionally, other herbs including lavender, juniper, dandelion root, bergamot, and chamomile can also help improve the general condition of the skin.

When suffering from acne, there is no reason not to try any homemade acne treatment.  It is both natural and economical.

Many such treatments have been used for generations and have simply been left by the wayside with the advent of modern medicine.  However, such natural remedies for acne are not only more effective than medications in many cases, but much less expensive.

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