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Homeopathy and Acne

Today, more and more people are turning to Homeopathy to treat various disorders and diseases. And Acne is no exception. We all get spots from time to time, but serious Acne is harder to shift. If over-the-counter treatments just aren’t working, Homeopathy is the option to try out.  See below for more information on MediAc, a pure, homeopathic remedy (there are also client testimonials below on this homeopathic treatment for acne).

However, one should remember that a well-formulated Homeopathic Acne product may correct an Acne problem but it may not be very effective for complex Acne cases. Homeopathic treatments are available in shops but to get the best results, one should turn to a Homeopath expert.

Acne Treatment

While discussing Acne treatment, it becomes necessary to know what Acne really is. Acne is the term for plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads), pimples, and even deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and even the upper arms.

While Acne affects most teenagers, but it is not restricted to any age group in particular. Though not a life threatening condition, Acne can be upsetting and disfiguring. Acne treatment can be of several types. Mediac, by Native Remedies, is a homeopathic acne remedy you might want to look into.  Below I’ve posted some of the many testimonials on this homeopathic acne treatment :

“I’m on the swim team and have been self-conscious about my back. I tried to get rid of my boils with everything I could think of, even using harsh abrasive scrubs – which just made it worse. The boils remained. I have been using your product for four months now, and my back has improved so much that now I can go shirtless, even at the beach. ”— Thomas, SC, USA

I started using MediAc and within a week, my breakouts almost totally stopped.  I had been having a really bad time with pimples. They were clustering and I would wake up every morning with a new pimple.  I could not get a break.  My face was a constant mess and I was embarrassed to leave the house.  I would cake on as much makeup as it would take to cover all of my acne and then as soon as I would get home I would wash my face and put medicine on it to hopefully heal them.

MediAc Homeopathic Acne Treatment

It didn’t seem to matter what I did or did not do, the acne was winning.  But when I started MediAc the pimples I had started healing, and I stopped getting new ones every day.  The boil that had been coming on, totally disappeared.  Any new pimples that were coming on were very small and were just whiteheads that easily diminished.  I am so thankful to have found MediAc.”

— Merideth M., WA, USA


It must be borne in mind that Acne treatment is not preventive or curative the treatment only helps lessen the severity of the Acne as well as to avoid the scars and infection that come with it.

How Homeopathic Acne Treatments work

Generally Homeopathic doctors look at the patient’s total health care. To find the underlying causes of Acne conditions, they match other health problems to the appropriate Homeopathic formula, which may provide a vital connection.

Homeopathy considers Acne to be a symptom of a deeper issue. It does not concentrate on treating just the skin surface using topical gels, creams or ointments. It treats not just a simple Acne case, but looks at you from both inside and outside.

Homeopathy believes in complete and gentle healing and for this purpose, it concentrates on your complete medical history. Homeopaths not only examine patient’s skin thoroughly but also ask their hobbies, likes and dislikes, temperament, the quality of sleep etc.

Indicators such as the patient’s personal circumstances are all considered important. They believe that there is an interrelation between everything, and some apparently unrelated problem might be causing the Acne.

Combination remedies are the new trend in Homeopathic Acne Treatments

Combination remedies have become quite popular recently. Even though most homeopaths would agree that, where possible, it is better to use classical Homeopathy, where a single remedy is used to treat a condition, combinations can be tried as well.

Homeopathy uses a range of natural remedies and is based on the concept that stimulating an illness will strengthen the body’s power of recovery.

Combine this with promising new Acne treatments such as blue light therapy, diode laser therapy or combination treatments and you may have effective options to treat Acne.

What to expect from Homeopathic Acne Treatments

Homeopathy provides several natural and effective remedies for those who are suffering from Acne problems. By undergoing Homeopathic Acne treatments, you will notice a drying up of the pimples and a reduction in the number of existing Acne.

Other associated symptoms like pain, burning and itching will also go away. Besides, you will see an improvement in the skin texture. The external eruption that we see is a sign of the internal disorder of the body.

Therefore Acne should not be treated by applying creams and ointments on the skin surface only. Instead, this skin disorder should be treated holistically. Homeopathic Acne treatments attempt to stimulate the body’s own natural healing capacity with Homeopathic remedies that act as a trigger for the body’s own healing forces.

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