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Hormone Regulation and Acne : Part II

There are several natural ways to help balance your hormones, whether you are a sixteen year old girl, a woman in her forties, or a man in his teens or later in life. Diet is crucial to hormone control. Eating a ton of refined carbs is a no no. They cause huge spikes in blood sugar, which interferes with hormone control. Thought that the image of a teen who eats nothing but pizza and ice cream having a horrid complexion is a falsehood?

Think again. Diet has a lot to do with hormonal balance and keeping acne free skin. A number of so-called natural acne treatments promise to “equalize” hormonal imbalances to reduce adult acne breakouts. But you should be very cautious when using those drugs, because they can produce side effects and worsen the condition of the skin.

But the good news is effective alternative treatments for controlling hormones and helping treat acne are available. If you’re concerned about adult acne, consult a dermatologist to learn more about safe, proven treatments. Also, check with your doctor for a good advice. Once the doctor successfully identified the relation of hormone to acne, he may normally prescribe certain medications for treatment.

Dermatologists generally prefer to try other treatments for acne first before prescribing birth control pills. Successful treatment of severe adult acne may take months or even years. Therefore, natural methods are the most preferred means to avoid such complexities. An adequate consumption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is the foremost step in treating the acne problem. Herbal added to the diet bring out better and quicker results without any adverse effects.

Natural remedies for hormonal imbalance may include herbal extracts from naturopathic sources, but food is also a natural remedy for many ailments. Another good idea is to take your healthy oils with fruits that naturally contain high amounts of enzymes such as papaya, kiwi fruit, figs and pineapple. So, once you notice that something is going wrong, you should immediately solve that problem! That is not just a wish, not just a hope, not just if it works out…but an absolute reason why you must make this change happen now in your life.

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