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Jeans Named After Acne?

So I was doing an internet search recently and came across this company that is named Acne that apparently makes jeans.  Interesting, I’m sitting here wondering if they intentionally named it that, or if it is a foreign-domiciled company that perhaps pronounces the word differently.

It just looks funny if you’re an American and you see jeans that are named after one of the most dreaded and pervasive skin conditions in the world.  I could imagine it may be pronounced say “Ac-Nay” or something like that. Does anyone know anything about this clothing company?

I’m having a strange obsession with this for some reason!  I looked at the jeans and they look to be higher end and more on the edgy level too – lots of skinny jeans and stuff you’d see real hipsters wearing. 


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January 28, 2012 at 12:22 pm
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