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Laser Treatment Options for Acne Scarring

Scars Left Behind from Acne Can Be Treated with Lasers

If you have faced severe acne problems in recent times, the probability is that you will end up with a certain level of scarring, because later, after the original spots and cysts are gone, you are left with scarring in the form of pits, ice picks and scratch like scars, and pockmarking.

This is especially true the deeper down the acne cyst occurred, and it can be worse or better depending on your age and the natural resilience of your skin, as well as your skin’s ability to repair itself with collagen (which of course depletes with age).

Acne scars that result from battles with breakouts, severe or not, not only are distressing in and of themselves, but they may stay around forever pretty much. For this reason, many people seek out fairly serious treatments to get rid of these reminders of their struggles with acne. Scars are, no doubt, just as discomforting as the blotches themselves.

Thankfully, you do not have to to have this uneven skin tone forever. With the various laser treatments for acne scarring, you can restore the smooth texture and even coloring that you enjoyed before you ever even had your first acne breakout. Sounds nice, right? Not only that, there are some great natural, and much more affordable ways you can often easily reduce acne scarring leftovers in your own home.

The trauma that occurs to your skin when a cyst opens or – naughty naughty, but we’re all guilty of it – you force it open yourself, creating even more trauma and tissue damage, often results in a scar that can stay around for days, weeks, or even years.

When the damaged skin repairs itself, the result is not as smooth as your original skin; if there has been some tissue loss, you may have depressions and deep scars in your face and body. Collagen over-production is also common; this can lead to raised, lumpy-looking scars (sort of like keloid scars).

Now the question that comes up in everyone’s mind, how is laser technology is used to treat these severe acne scars? There are mainly two types of laser technology treatment which take care of bad skin scarring. The ablative laser treatment and the non-ablative laser treatment.

In ablative laser treatment, which is also recognized by laser resurfacing, the external layers of skin are actually sort of “burnt off“ with hopefully minimal trauma and downtime, depending on how severe the scar was, and your skin‘s ability to repair itself from yet another trauma. This method gets rid of the aged, injured tissue and supports the development of new, improved skin.

For that reason, this technique entails an extended healing time and a most importantly a danger of infection, it is not chosen too often any more by a lot of people because of it‘s radical nature and potential for discomfort and pain.

The Non-ablative laser treatment method, like the well-liked fair colorant pulse laser, do not wipe out the top coating of the skin; in its place, they aim the collagen below the scars, inspiring new development and giving the skin a softer, further even look.

The type of laser technology and treatment used in acne scarring is determined in large part by the dermatologist or plastic surgeon treating the patient, based on the type of scarring, how long they’ve been there, and what the patient is comfortable with.

A usual patient has to go all the way through a treatment in a successive three months. The treatment is repeated after that within six months of most recent laser treatment.

There are some negative aspects of these laser treatments as well, even though laser treatments can be extremely successful, they are as well fairly expensive. In the first technique of laser treatments, there is the danger of further scarring, and it can take time to a year for the skin to restore to health after the healing.

It is an excellent idea to talk about your entire healing and treatment alternatives with your medical doctor, previous to you makes a choice on laser technology for healing your acne scars problem. You can search online to find out various laser treatment centers where you can heal your severe scarring problems.

You can also take help of various news letters from health organization to locate the best Laser treatment center in your area, and you can also of course check out what your other options are for treating acne scars in your own home.

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