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My Favorite Makeup Sponge, Hands Down

After Wal-mart discontinued a very economical and perfectly shaped and textured cosmetic application pad that I adored, I was on a mission to find another foundation sponge that mimicked what that old one did for me as close as possible.

You see, I had experimented with the “makeup artist” preferred method of applying my liquid foundation which is using a large brush to apply it. I just couldn’t get the technique right and didn’t end up with the same great coverage I seemed to have mastered using a foundation sponge (mind you, it had to be exactly the right kind of sponge for me to get fantastic results).

I found that the sponge just made me feel more in control of the outcome, and for me it was much more intuitive to use something that had my fingers right behind it instead of having my hands all the way down at the end of some stick. I’m definitely more of a hands on kind of girl. Brushes don’t always work well for me, and I’ve never been a fan of applying my eyebrows or my eyeliner with a brush either.

When I started using the great, full coverage foundation by Revlon ColorStay, I found these wonderful sponges at Wal-mart to apply the foundation. They were very flexible, and seemed to have a touch of latex or some other rubbery substance mixed in with them because they weren’t overly porous or light like so many other makeup sponges out there.

This meant that they also lasted forever. I would always add a dab of water to them with my foundation so that I’d get a more natural, translucent and dewy effect and they were just the perfect texture. As with so many other cosmetics that you think you’ll have access to forever because you love them that much, the sponges were discontinued. Or at least I couldn’t find them in any Wal-marts around me.

So it was pure serendipitous luck that I happened to find a great replacement just weeks later at a K-mart of all places. I hardly ever even shop at K-mart, but my husband was shopping for something specific there one day, and I wandered over into the cosmetics aisle. I found a brand called Image Essentials.

They had the oval shape just like my other beloved foundation sponge, and they seemed to, through the plastic enclosure, have the same consistency, weight and texture as my old beloved foundation sponge. They also happened to be sold only as a single sponge just like my old ones, so I was convinced these were just about the same.

I bought one for about $2.00. They were well worth it. I went back and bought more just in case I suddenly found these new finds discontinued too! Again, here is the name of what I feel is the hands-down, best and most affordable foundation application sponge that I’ve found : Image Essentials oval cosmetic application sponge.

It comes in a pink plastic package and is sold in the “accessories” section of the cosmetics area in K-Mart, which is the only retailer I’ve found so far that carries them. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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July 9, 2013 at 7:19 am
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