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Natural Acne Cleanser – Three Recommendations

1 – Aura Sensory’s natural lemongrass, tea tree and lavender acne soap - Lemongrass tightens and refines pores in this natural acne treatment soap.  Tea tree oil and lavender are both excellent non irritating and skin-calming antibacterial agents which prevent acne causing bacteria from depositing into pores.  Sulfate, paraben and chemical free sebum regulating bar – $8.00
2 – Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel – $9.99
3 – Dr. Hauschka Skin Cleansing Cream – $22.00

Three Great Natural Acne Cleansers That Really Work -

1 – Lemon

An incredibly powerful yet gentle natural acne cleanser is the lemon. The citric acid in lemons makes them work efficiently at cleansing away the clogs in our pores. Additionally, lemon is a favored natural acne fighter for those with oily skin.

The natural oil-drying power is gentle enough to do the job without over-drying. Lemon can be used as a cleanser by either dabbing a cotton ball in some lemon juice or rubbing a lemon slice in circular motion directly into the skin. Rinse residue from the skin with lukewarm water, and repeat daily.

2 – Tomato

Another proven-effective natural acne cleanser is the tomato. These multitasking skin-correctors are known for lightening the pigment in reddened blemishes. The tomato is one of the best natural solutions for acne as it cleanses, prevents scarring and works as an inexpensive all natural collagen booster.

This means that while cleansing away acne-causing residue it is also working to further improve your skin texture and overall appearance. The best way to use a tomato as a cleanser is to rub a slice directly into the skin, leave on for 5 minutes, and then rinse with water. This gentle treatment is great for oily skin as well as dry skin.

3 – Honey

The idea of using something so sticky as a cleanser seems a little odd. However, odd as it may be, honey is one of the best natural skin cleansers. The secret behind this unusual acne solution is the incredible bacteria-fighting power of honey. Additionally, it also is jam-packed with other skin-beautifying benefits.

Honey works to smooth the surface of our skin, even our skin-tone and also boost the moisture that gives skin a youthful appearance. Although honey is often effective for those with oily skin, it is extremely effective for dry skin. To use as a cleanser simply use a very small dab and rub into the skin. Immediately remove with warm water.

These natural ingredients are only a few of many. Whether you have combination, dry or oily skin there are tons of inexpensive, chemical-free solutions. The above-mentioned three are some of the best of these ingredients because not only do they cleanse, they also bring extra benefits to our skin. Additionally, lemon, tomato and honey are great for all skin types.

If you are sick of throwing your money away with expensive products that don’t work, a great idea is to lean on Mother Nature for a little support. Taking a rest from chemical warfare is a great idea if you are looking for a little cooperation from your uncooperative complexion.

Although the above-mentioned products are proven effective and have great customer ratings, an even better idea is to save yourself a great deal of money, and use the inexpensive raw ingredients that you most likely already have in your pantry or refrigerator.

For minimal cost you can create your own natural acne cleanser. Regardless if you have oily skin or dry skin, there are several all natural ingredients that are proven effective as gentle acne-fighting cleansers. Listed below are some of the best all natural acne cleansers.

Find Complexion Cooperation With An All Natural Acne Cleanser

Dealing with acne prone skin is simply frustrating. The store shelves are lined with expensive products that are also usually chock full of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and artificial fragrances to clean, spot-treat and supposedly prevent. However, for many people these products don’t do much except pile up in the medicine cabinet.

We try product after product regardless of the cost because we are so desperate to clear our skin. What we fail to realize is that these products that we are pouring our money into are not only not working, but also most likely contributing to the problem. The bottom line is that disturbing already irritated skin with harsh chemicals is not the answer.

Taking a break from the chemical warfare is a plan that your skin will appreciate. This is why finding a great natural acne cleanser is a smart idea. Finicky skin rarely responds to an outright assault. Not to mention, slathering your face with long-named unrecognizable chemicals isn’t exactly a healthful decision. A great solution is to use an all natural, gentle cleanser.

There are several options for an all natural anti-acne cleanser. First of all there are plenty of all natural products that are available to buy. These types of products can be purchased in health food stores, online and sometimes in the all natural section of the grocery store. Listed below are three of the best natural acne cleansers you can purchase.

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