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Natural Acne Treatments

Nature Supplies all the Right Stuff for Acne

Anyone who has dealt with a difficult case of acne has probably tried a variety of different chemically-derived products to help them get rid of their problem. However, excessive exposure to such chemicals and scientifically manufactured substances is not beneficial towards the well-being of your skin or your health. Rather, the best way to treat skin problems is through natural treatments.

By using a natural skin treatment such as the Dermacleanse herbal supplement and accompanying botanical topical products, your skin will be both free from blemishes and free from harmful chemical substances.

Acne treatments derived from nature have been around for centuries. For instance, Chinese herbal medications use a variety of different plants (such as loquat leaf, honeysuckle weed, red sage root, and Moutan bark) to treat skin blemishes.

Chinese doctors would identify skin problems as being rooted in one of three issues: excessive lung heat, excessive stomach heat, or an imbalance of hormones in post-puberty females.

These doctors would then steep the herbs in water according to the diagnosis. Many people have found that these traditional Chinese methods of acne treatment are extremely beneficial to the condition of their skin.

Chinese skin treatment herbs are typically inaccessible to most people, but modern herbal supplement manufacturers such as the Zenmed line of Chinese medicine-derived supplements have managed to combine the benefits of traditional Chinese herbs into small tablets. These herbal supplements can be purchased at most health specialty retailers or

Natural Acne Treatments

through the Internet.

Some natural topical treatments can also be beneficial in ridding one’s skin of blemishes and pimples. Best of all, these remedies can be prepared in your very own home. The acids in vinegar are excellent for eliminating skin blemishes.

To prepare a vinegar skin product, mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with about a teaspoon of salt, rub the mixture onto the affected area, and rinse off the skin after about thirty minutes.

Lemon acids are also extremely effective in treating pimples. Lemon has an astringent and antibacterial quality to it, and I have espoused it’s internal acid-neutralizing qualities on these pages many times.

Simply dilute the juice of one lemon with a few tablespoons of water and apply the mixture to any skin blemishes. Homemade skin remedies are one of the best ways to restore a flawless appearance to your skin.

Finally, some people find that they do not need skin medication products at all in order to get rid of their blemishes. Rather, many people are able to take control of their skin problems simply by adjusting their diet and using the right natural and herbal acne systems for their skin.

Most people who eat a very balanced and healthy diet suffer little to no problems with pimples and blemishes. In order to promote an acne-free lifestyle, you should first be sure that you eat enough fruits and vegetables to fulfill your body’s needs.

Fruits and vegetables contain innumerable vitamins and minerals that your body’s cells need to function correctly. When your body suffers from an insufficient amount of these nutrients, it is unable to regulate the oils and hormones that typically cause skin problems.

Fruits and vegetables also provide the fiber that your body needs to cleanse itself of waste. When excess waste sits stagnant in your body, bacteria are able to grow and multiply, leading to the creation of pimples and blemishes. Eating whole grains, avoiding saturated fats and cholesterol, and eating as little refined sugar as possible can also contribute to the health of your skin.

There is no need to suffocate your skin with chemical, laboratory-derived products when you can treat skin imperfections with acne remedies from nature instead. By choosing pure, unprocessed skin regimens to treat pimples and other skin imperfections, you will enjoy an unblemished and healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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