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Other Inflammatory Skin Conditions

When you have acne, you tend to only notice this skin condition because it is often so visible, taking place right on the face more often than not. This is why acne can be such a devastating skin condition – it takes its shape front and center on the very essence of who you are and the first thing people see when they meet you.

But acne is really just one of many inflammatory skin conditions that can occur. There are others that either may not be as obvious or that take place in other parts of the body. They are nonetheless aggravated not only by inflammation and inflammatory diets high in sugars and caffeine and such, but they can also be aggravated by stress a great deal depending on the individual.

One such condition that is particularly unsavory to talk about, but nonetheless is definitely inflammatory and similar to acne in that they can definitely flare up when there is a lot of stress in one’s life. We’re talking about hemorrhoids. Yep we went there.

A lot of people tend to think of these unpleasantries as something only pregnant women and older people have to deal with. Surprisingly though, hemorrhoids affect a lot of younger people. In fact, you may have had them or know someone who has had them.

They are aggravated by things like constipation, and sitting too much definitely doesn’t help but they are essentially inflammatory in nature. They can be aggravated by stress and anxiety, and diet can definitely help or hinder their recovery.

Another inflammatory favorite (yes I’m being facetious) is rosacea. Rosacea affects fair skinned people more often than not. It occurs when the tiny little blood vessels under the skin become inflamed. It can make the facial tissue appear red and inflamed all of the time.

Like hemorrhoids, rosacea is often aggravated by hot foods, diet and stress as well as by hot beverages and caffeine. People have to learn their triggers and adopt an anti-inflammatory diet as well as lifestyle choices that are conducive to having inflammation-free lives and health. Easier said than done sometimes I know.

Trust me, I like to do some of the very things that do not promote calm tissues and great skin like drinking alcohol and coffee, and stressing myself out with all my various extracurricular endeavors (not to mention an often stressful job), but it really does take a toll on your skin and other external tissues to have these types of lifestyle habits.

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