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Products for Back Acne

Back acne is tricky to treat because it is in a place that is hard to reach, hard to see, and hard to gauge whether you are adequately addressing the problem.  There are products that help treat acne on the back, but often times you must have someone help you to apply them.

Acne on your back is also hard to cleanse properly without twisting yourself up like a pretzel in order to get your hands back there.  Many times people will over dry the entire back and end up with a dry, itchy back because they think that is the only way to treat back acne.

The Right Skin Cleanser is Key

However, just as with acne on the face, drying it out will not help. Instead you need to try a good naturally antibacterial soap to adequately cleanse the area, clear the pores, and eliminate surface bacteria which leads to the acne pustules forming.

This is the first step to successfully treating back acne.  You may also choose to look into alternative products like blue light devices which emit a bacteria killing aura that instantly kills surface bacteria and helps the skin heal more quickly.

These can be done in a dermatologist’s office, or you can buy larger units now (for a price of course) that will treat either a large portion of the back or the entire back at once.  This can be used a complimentary therapy in treating back acne in addition to using the right cleanser, which is key.

Taking a Supplement Can Help

Taking a good herbal acne supplement is a preventive measure as well. Back acne is caused by the same thing facial acne is caused by, which is too much sebum production by the oil-producing hot spots on the body.  Acne products that address this excess sebum production and hormonal turmoil internally will help you to get rid of back acne more quickly and help clear up future breakouts.

Topical Back Acne Products

There are also topical “leave on” products for back acne that you can try.  These are basically the same ones that can be used to treat facial acne as well, but may be a more diluted strength since it is being used on a larger surface area.

These only get you so far with acne on the back though.  Why? Well, it is very difficult to self-treat with these types of leave-on gels, creams and serums.  How often do we start off with good intentions with something that is hard to apply to ourselves which requires someone else treat us, or we engage in uncomfortable application?

The answer is, we always start off with good intentions. But when something is difficult to self-apply and we need help to get an even, allover application, the treatments often fall by the wayside.

This is why simply getting a good natural, nondrying acne cleanser to cleanse the back in the shower is vital – this is the easiest way to eliminate that bacteria and start with a clean slate every day.

Dressing Right, Especially in the Summer

Let’s talk more about that “clean slate” too, since we’re talking about zits on the back.  The back is prone to sweat when we get warm. This is especially true in the summer time. Wearing lighter, more breathable clothes will help free the back of the dirt and grime that often get trapped in sweat.

It also may help with sebum control since we tend to get more sebum buildup when our bodies elevate in temperature.  It is important to take a daily shower and get this dirt buildup off of our backs – especially in the summer time when we tend to sweat more.  This will help keep the pores free of the bacteria and other dirt that cause clogged pores.

Get Cleansing Tools to Improve Your Reach

The dead skin cells that accumulate naturally on the skin’s surface may be particularly troublesome on the back since many people can’t get a good angle to get the entire back clean. A really helpful tool to get the job done right is a loofah sponge with a handle on it – about a one foot long handle.

This allows you to get your cleanser in all the right areas of the back and get the entire surface cleansed of potentially acne-causing pollutants.  It also gives you a light exfoliation of the area since it helps remove excess surface clutter that is attracted by sticky sebum.

Chemical Peels

Another product that helps with back acne are chemical peels. You would only want to use a mild chemical peel on the back though.  You never want to over dry the back when treating it for acne – trust me, I’ve been there.

Using a gentle chemical peel such as lactic acid or salicylic acid once a week will help ensure the area is cleared or acne-causing sebum, dirt, dead skin cells and flakes, other particles we pick up on a daily basis.  This prevents them from embedding in the pores which are made into magnets by excessive sebum.

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