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Sea Clay Facial Mask – Experience

I have had the pleasure of recently experiencing my first herbal body wrap here locally in the northeastern Ohio area where I live in Akron.  I enjoyed it a lot, but I also enjoyed what came with it, which was a “sea clay” facial mask that really helped to deep cleanse my pores and left my skin feeling baby soft and “lighter” than it did before.

They actually used the principle of compression with this mask too, just like they use in the herbal body wraps.

Herbal body wraps are where you are wrapped in ace-like bandages that are soaked ina  solution that is filled with various herbs and nutrients that are supposed to help detox the skin, while also helping to contour the problem areas of your body like your buttocks and thighs and tummy, and even your upper arms.

I have only had two of the wraps so far, but I am pleased with them. I haven’t really seen any inch loss yet, but a slight bit of improvement in my cellulite and much, much smoother skin. 

Now, for the sea clay mineral mask, what they did was they painted the grey colored mud mask on to my face. They then wrapped my face in bandages, also going under the chin to help firm that area up and add more of a natural, firm contour under the chin which is where a lot of women and men tend to lose definition and shape as they age. 

The idea of the mask itself is to help deep clease the pores to get impurities out, and also to help tone the skin, help clear up blemishes, as well as to help soften any wrinkles and fine lines. The mask was on as long as the body wrap was on, so I felt like a total mummy the whole time since I was essentially wrapped from head to toe in this thing!

But it was relaxing. And my skin looked really nice, really smooth, and had a nice glow to it after the sea clay mask as well. It must have had some component of natural salt in it because I accidentally licked my lips after the mask was rinsed off and still got a salty taste in my mouth. 

It makes sense though, because mineral clay masks usually contain some degree of salt in them. The right kind of salt can actually be beneficial and cleansing to the skin.

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March 16, 2011 at 5:49 pm
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