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Touching Your Face: Why it’s Bad for Your Complexion and Your Health

This habit is a hard one in particular for me to personally break because it seems I’m constantly going to touch my face. Whether to rest my check on my palm or the tops of my hands, to just feel my face for excess oil, or to rub my temples or soothe my forehead after a rough day, I’m always going to touch my face.

The problem is that your hands and your fingers in particular are pretty much always loaded with germs and bacteria. Since we know bacteria definitely leads to acne breakouts, it’s a good idea to keep your hands away from your face, where acne tends to nest, as much as you possibly can at all times.

There’s another reason why keeping your mits off your face is a great idea. It’s your overall health and wellness that benefits from this practice. That’s because a lot of the risk of virus transmission and other types of infections is transmitted from your hands to your orifices of entry into your body – most likely your eyes. 

If you’re picking at your eyes or putting your fingers near your eyes a lot, you likely are putting yourself at risk for some nasty bug you probably picked up off a door handle or counter top, or some other surface you’ve run your hands or fingers along during the day- especially if you’re at work or some other public place.

Washing your hands religiously helps this as well. Not only do you rid your hands and fingers of acne-causing bacteria when you wash your hands frequently, but you also rid it of cold and flu viruses that might be taking up residence there.

You don’t have to use one of those harsh soaps or antibacterial agents that may cause cancer though, try a nice natural soap with some antibacterial ingredients that are derived in nature such as lavender oil, tea tree oil or any type of citrus oil like lemon or orange.   Thyme is also an excellent natural antibacterial agent.

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