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Treatments for Scalp Acne

Acne is one of the major skin conditions that affect adolescents and some adults. This can be a very minor problem but in some cases, it can be very severe. Acne is brought about by bacteria which disrupt the skin’s hormonal balance. This results in bumps appearing on the skin followed by pus in severe cases.

Acne affects several parts of the body that has non-glabrous skin, especially the face. This skin condition can also affect the scalp. Scalp acne affects both sexes of all ages. This type of acne can be very difficult to detect as the bumps are covered by hair. It is also a troublesome type of acne to deal with.

There are several treatments for scalp acne. Most of these are natural as the causes of these bumps on the head can easily be dealt with naturally. Scalp acne is mainly caused by overproduction of sebum but also poor hygiene, high stress levels, food allergies and malnourishment.

The best acne scalp treatment is prevention. Preventing the causes of the skin condition will deal with it. Ensure that you wash your hair every day. This will keep it clean, hence avoiding build up of bacteria and sebum. There should be good blood flow in the head. This will lower the stress levels as components of the head such as the skin layers will work at their optimum, hence less chance of infections.

Another acne scalp treatment is avoiding eating foods that you are allergic to. These foods tend to increase the rate of acne development on the scalp. The reason for this is that the foods will make the chemical composition of the scalp skin unstable, therefore making it susceptible to infections.

Avoid using any hair products that are oil-based. These products will clog your scalp pores and in the long run, force a buildup of sebum in the pores. However, ensure that you do not deprive the skin of oil too often as this will cause the skin to become too dry. The end result will be a different skin condition known as dandruffs.
Products meant for styling should not be left on your hair overnight. Shampoos and conditioners should be rinsed off thoroughly to avoid any buildup of residue.

You can also invest in anti-dandruff shampoos, which is are good treatments for scalp acne. This shampoo contains zinc, which is very effective in eliminating acne.

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