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Why Holidays are Bad for Skin

My skin broke out a bit over the holidays.  Not nearly as bad as it used to before I understood how to keep my flareups under control and landed on a great selection of natural products (including my natural acne soap with the lemongrass, lavender and tea tree oil), but still I had a few spots on my face that I could tell would have become a real problem if I hadn’t been able to  control it.

They were thankfully nothing that couldn’t be taken care of with a little skillfully applied cover up, but they were definitely there, and they were most definitely stress related pimples.  I think that when you’re an adult who has had experiences with acne for years upon years ever since your teens, you can almost feel the exact moment when you know there is acne brewing under the service.

When I’m under stressful situations, I can literally feel the problems in my skin. It’s almost as if my skin becomes warmer than usual, and I can feel the pain of the acne under the service since they often create pressure when they’re forming.

The reason for the holiday breakout was the stress of hosting a get together for a large amount of people on Christmas eve. I always get a little too stressed when I know I’m going to host something because I’m a perfectionist and I think everything has to be perfect.

Of course this is a waste of time and a ridiculous thought since nothing is ever perfect and something almost always goes a little awry when you’re hosting a shindig,  but the stress of making sure everyone is taken care of and has a good time, along with cooking everything and making sure there is enough food on the table is immensely pressuring.

On top of this, of course your diet goes way off course (for most people at least, it takes a great deal of discipline to avoid all the pitfalls of diet issues during the holidays).

There is usually a lot more sugar and salt consumed. I remember going to bed the evening of the event after everyone had gone home and I had cleaned up, and thinking I looked as if I’d aged a hundred years because I was dehydrated from all the salt and my face was a bit broken out from all the sugar and stress.

I thought wow, that’s why they say diet and stress management is everything when it comes to good skin!

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January 16, 2013 at 10:32 am
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